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All services include wash, dry, and finishing processes.

Wave, weave, wind-swept - make it, groove it, move it. Up-done, bobbed, or chopped - sway it like you mean it! The main event, an accessory to the performance... shine the spotlight center stage. This is the the way you like it. This is the way you wear it.

Cut & Style (45 mins)

from $75

Cut & Hot Towel (30 mins)

from $55

Fringe (15 mins)

from $20

Style Forming Short (45 mins)

from $50

Style Forming Long (45 mins)

from $60

Flat or Curly Iron (15 mins)

from $20

Formal Couture (60 mins)

from $95

Barbering (30 mins)

from $42

infinite expression



Base Color (45 mins)

from $90

All Over Color (45 mins)

from $120

Toner (add. 45 mins)

from $50

partial color (add. 45 mins)

from $55

extra color / 3oz or more (add. 45 mins)

from $45

Cellophane (60 mins)

from $55

Full Hilites (90 mins)

from $200

Half Head Hilites (90 mins)

from $170

Par Foil (add. 15 mins)

from $10

Bleach & Tone (90 mins)

from $185

Corrective Color (45 mins per unit)

from $85

Balayage Hilites Half-Head (90 mins per unit)

from $175

Balayage Hilites Full (90 mins per unit)

from $195

Color EXPRESS - no finishing (45 mins)

from $75

Like the tones of our skin or the shade of our eyes, color makes an immediate impression. You can be bold and try something new. Stay seasonal and soften your look with a wash. Or go daring and shock the senses.




The elements surround you - beating against your skin, tearing at your outer layer. Come inside. Surround yourself in a watery shell - enhanced by nature, protected by the healing hand of natural hydration. It's a recharge. A refresh... infused with the power of plants and the essence of life.

magica botanica



Perm Short (1:30 mins)

from $180

Perm Long (1:30 mins)

from $200

Relaxer (1:30 mins)

from $180

Smoothing Kit Classic Short Hair (90 mins)

from $270

Smoothing Kit Classic Long Hair (90 mins)

from $290

Smoothing Kit Blonde Short Hair (90 mins)

from $330

Smoothing Kit Blonde Long Hair (90 mins)

from $350



specialty services

Hair Extensions (45 mins)

from $275

Keratin Smoothing X-press (45 mins)

from $110

Wellaplex (add-on)  (15 mins)

from $45

Conditioning Treatments (add-on)  (15 mins)

from $35

Express Color (no style) (45 mins)

from $75

Keratin Instant Smoothing (45 mins)

from $85

Forget everything. Lose yourself. You're a moment away from bliss. A morning kiss... An evening stroll... Perhaps noon will be your moment to escape?


two hour vacation



Makeup Application Lesson (45 mins)

from $50

Makeup Express (15 mins)

from $25

Tweeze (30 mins)

from $30

Eyelash Application (15 mins)

from $25



Waxing (Eyebrows) (15 mins)

from $20

Waxing (Lip) (15 mins)

from $17

Waxing (Chin) (15 mins)

from $17

Waxing (Ear) (15 mins)

from $17


Diva Mini Facial (30 mins)

from $55

Eye-Zone Treatment (Facial Add-On)

from $20

hands & nails





Full Set


French Manicure


French Pedicure


Paraffin Hands / Feet

$10 / $15

Gel Color Manicure


Gel Color Pedicure


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